Bucktown is a wonderful neighborhood with a Bohemian flair. This area is home to many artists, musicians and yuppies. This diverse population enjoys an area of book stores, boutiques and galleries. This diversity, along with reasonable housing prices, has attracted many young professionals to the area. Loft space, new construction homes and apartment suites are all available. Street parking is great in Bucktown. Bus and taxi services are an alternative.

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Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is one of the most chique areas of the city to live in. It is in this area of the city that you can find the finest and most expensive housing; all within walking distant to some of the most fashionable boutiques, restaurants and department stores. Whether it is Prada, Barney's, Tods, Louis Vuitton or Ultimo, you will have a grand shopping experience just mere minutes away from your home. Take a walk along Astor or State, lovely old tree-lined streets and you are sure to see landmark mansions that sell for as much as $15 million. The old brownstones and greystones typically start at $2 million.

For individuals with a more realistic budget, there is residential housing which comes in the form of condominiums ( both vintage and modern buildings) which are much more reasonably priced. Also keep in mind that many Gold Coast residents decide not to have a car since everything you need - from Neiman Marcus to the best hot dog stand in the city - is within walking distance. Note: Many of the vintage greystones are land-locked and have no garages; but there is ample rental parking available and loads of taxis. And let's not forget about the lake. Access to Lake Michigan is just a mere block or two away from where you might live.

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  • North: Irving Park Road
  • West: Ravenswood Avenue
  • East: Lake Michigan
  • South: Diversey Parkway

Lake View is one of the oldest areas in the city. It is a blending of smaller neighborhoods offering a wide array of urban lifestyles. This area is densely populated with high-rises along the lake and vintage condominiums and apartments to the west.

Many of the condominiums offer large square footage while still being close to the lake and neighborhood shops and restaurants. Lakeview is only a quick 10 to 15 minute commute to downtown Chicago via Lake Shore Drive.

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Lincoln Park

  • North: Diversey Parkway
  • West: Halsted Street
  • East: Lincoln Park
  • South: Armitage Ave

Lincoln Park is just north of Old Town and is a wonderful area because of its neighborhood feel the streets are lined with trees and its proximity to the to the park make it one of the loveliest areas in the city.

The neighborhood has a wonderful mix of mansions and two-flats and high rise buildings with wonderful views of the lake and the city. Young professionals and families with children enjoy this area.

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North Side

  • North: North Avenue
  • West: Halsted Street
  • East: Lake Michigan
  • South: Grand Avenue
North Side

The Near North Side includes some of the most interesting locations in the city. A Part of the Near North Side is the new East Side which is east of Michigan Avenue and just south of the river is a neighborhood built on air rights above land occupied by railroad yards.

High rise condominiums, hotels and office towers abound and magnificent panoramic views are available in all price ranges.. With a golf course, two marinas and Grant Park at their doorstep and the city's great theatres and museums with easy walkingdistance, recreation and culture is a way of life for residents of this cluster of high rise condominiums.

On the western boundary of the Near North Side you will find loads of new construction and renovation. Lots of lofts and brand new high rise condominiums are right along the river. In addition, new single family homes are being built in this area that exceed $2.5 million in price.

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Old Town

The historic neighborhood of Old Town is within the Near North area. The streets are filled with unique architecture, including cozy cottages, brick and frame rowhouses, townhomes and high-rise buildings with fabulous views of Lincoln Park, the Gold Coast, the Loop and Lake Michigan.

River East

River EastEast of Michigan Ave and just south of the river a brand new neighborhood is being developed on the air rights above land once occupied by the railroad yards.

High rise condos, hotels and office towers are plentiful and wonderful panoramic views are available in all price ranges. With a golf course, two marinas and Grant Park at their doorstep and the city's great theatres and museums within easy walking distance, professionals who live in this area can easily walk to everything.

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River North

  • North: Chicago Avenue
  • West: Chicago River
  • East: State Street
  • South: Chicago River
River North

River North is immediately north of the Merchandise Mart. This area has loads of residential development and is also hip because of its galleries, boutiques and design studios.

The area consists of loft buildings, new townhome developments and mid-rise condominiums. People love living in this area because it is close to the financial district, the cool shops of Michigan Ave and many of the city's best restaurants.

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South Loop

  • North: Congress Parkway
  • West: Clark Street
  • East: Michigan Avenue/Lake Shore Drive
  • South: 16th Street

South LoopThe South Loop has major development going on. Historic warehouses and office buildings are being recycled for loft-style apartments and condominiums. Where the railroad yards south of the Loop stood, we are now seeing major redevelopment.

The area consists of Printer's Row which is just south of the loop which has condos and oft apartments in former warehouses, printing plants and other historic buildings. Dearborn Park, which includes mid-rise condos, townhouses and single-family houses. The area has lots of spacious parks and playgrounds and its own elementary school. And then Central Station which features newer single-family homes, townhouses and condos.

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Streeterville is a neighborhood located north of the Chicago River. It houses many of Chicago's tallest skyscrapers and most upscale stores, hotels, restaurants and theaters. Being within walking distance to the beach or a downtown office is just a couple of it's many benefits. Private parking is also available. Fabulous lake views are just another priviledge to residents living in high-rise buildings and condos.

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  • North: Foster Avenue
  • West: Clark
  • East: Lake Michigan
  • South: Irving Park Road

North of Lakeview and bounded by Lake Michigan and north Lincoln Park on the east, this area has many vintage buildings and single family mansions that have been renovated and restored. The area consists of three historic neighborhoods: Margate Park, Buena Park, and Sheridan Park.

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West Loop

  • North: Grand Avenue
  • West: Ogden
  • East: Halsted
  • South: Van Buren Street

West LoopThe area immediately west of the Chicago River has, in recent years, been the focus of hundreds of millions of dollars in new high rise office buildings and residential towers which co-exist with colorful open-air produce markets and the lively ethnic restaurants and nightclubs along Halsted Street. This is real urban living.

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