Chicago Penthouse Condos for Every Budget:
From $400,000 to $5 Million Plus

From high-rise, ultra luxury units to top-floor properties in some of Chicago’s most unique buildings, Chicago penthouse units have something to offer for a range of budgets.

With more than 23 years of experience in the Chicago real estate market, I’ve met many potential buyers interested in what is often thought to be the best of the best in Chicago condos: penthouses. But it’s important to know that not all top floor condos in Chicago are created equal—there are several different types—and price points—for those coveted Chicago penthouse condos. Here are the different types you’ll find in some of Chicago’s best neighborhoods:

Chicago penthouses in a three or four flat
Standard penthouses in a three or four-flat building are often the most expensive in the building. This luxury unit often comes with roof rights or a private roof deck, typically accessed through a common hallway or exclusively from the unit itself.

Typical square footage: 1,300 to 1,600 square feet Lot size: 25 feet by 125 feet.

Wide-lot three or four flat Chicago penthouses
The luxury of features like nine-plus-foot ceilings comes with a higher priced penthouse such as three- or four-flat units on a wide lot. Among the different types of Chicago condos, these units typically have the highest resale value, due in part that they feel bigger because of the increased horizontal space.

Typical square footage: 1,600 square feet Typical lot size: 37.5 feet wide

Chicago penthouses in a six to eight flat
One of the most coveted types of condos, simply because of the lavish space from its position on a large lot. These types of penthouses can expand the entire floor of a building, creating an expansive horizontal space. For resale value, that increased space often equals better resale value than properties located on lower floors of the same building. Six and eight-flat Chicago penthouses also often have a private roof deck right off of the unit itself.

Typical square footage: 1,600 to 1,800 square feet Typical lot size: 50 feet x 125 feet

Duplex penthouses
Several features of duplex penthouses set them apart from other types of units—from unusually dramatic high ceilings in the living space to having a small private deck versus a large roof deck. These penthouse condos are usually in a 3 flat or 6 flat, but can also be found in wide-lot 8 flats as well. They usually have dramatic 10- to 12-foot ceilings in the living room.

Typical square footage: 1,600 to 1,800 square feet Typical lot size: 50 feet x 125 feet

Small building penthouses
The price range among penthouse units in smaller buildings can vary, with masonry buildings tending to be more expensive than those built with block. Those with a higher price tag usually come with 9-plus foot ceilings, hardwood floors throughout, high-end millwork and brand-name appliances such as Subzero refrigerators and Viking ovens.

For photos and a list of available Chicago penthouse condos, send me an email and let me know what price range you’re looking for and what location or neighborhood you would like to live in.

High-rise Penthouse Units in Chicago
Large, high-rise buildings feature top-floor condos with everything a luxury buyer is looking for: at least 9-foot tall ceilings (though I’d recommend looking for 10 feet or higher), ample square footage, high-end appliances and desirable outdoor space. These types of penthouse condos have higher monthly assessments, and factors like large outdoor space will also be more expensive.

High-rise penthouse condos in Chicago are ideal for showcasing art work and prized collections, thanks to high ceilings and large wall space. High-rise penthouse condos are also a great choice for panoramic views of the lake and city, as most units offer enviable views.

The Best Neighborhoods for Chicago Penthouses
Chicago's most enviable neighborhoods are also great locations to find penthouses in a range of prices*. Some of the top locations include: *Price changes are approximate and subject to change.