Rent / Sell Your Real Estate Simultaneously

Now you have the unique opportunity to work with a real estate agent team that allows you to lease and /or sell at the same time which ever comes first. This approach is especially tailored to individuals who own rental condos or individual properties where the owner wishes to minimize cash outlays and is trying to sell his or her property.

Deborah Server provides the rental listing process for the property while Sheldon Salnick lists the property for sale. In addition, Deborah will also handle the leasing of a property should you just wish to rent only. For clients who only want to rent, Deborah can help you also.

Deborah Server as a Residential Leasing Specialist is quite adept at utilizing her past psychology and sociology studies at the University of Wisconsin to the advantage of her clients. A quick-study, an aggressive negotiator and extremely tenacious individual, Deborah has been recently been recognized as one of the top four rental unit producers in Chicago. Deborah is a great communicator, holds your hand through the entire leasing process and is available when you need her.

Sheldon Salnick has over 16 years of real estate experience and his attention to detail and hands-on service plus extensive experience in selling new construction gives him the background to provide you with the factual information needed to make an appropriate decision when purchasing real estate. Consultative selling is the approach he uses with emphasis on finding excellent real estate resale value.

When purchasing property for investment purposes the team approach will serve you well as the team will be able to provide you with current information about what properties are leasing well, the various leasing criteria needed to be considered before purchasing a property and what types of properties lease better than others.

To receive more information, please fill out the form and Sheldon will be contacting you ASAP.