Chicago Real-Estate Resource Center

This center has been created especially for you, a buyer or seller who wants specific and in-depth real estate information when purchasing or selling real estate in Chicago.

Much of the information is based on questions first time buyer clients have inquired about while the more in-depth subject matter is geared to an individual who has bought and sold real estate over a period of years. If you are relocating to Chicago, you will find the information about neighborhoods and schools, I believe, invaluable.

The center identifies the most up-to-date nuances of what to look for when buying new construction, the issues to be aware of when buying a re-sale condominium and the specific details that will enhance your chances of doing well when the time comes to sell.

The content has categorical headings that allow you to quickly identify which information is most appropriate for your needs. Should you have any questions about the Chicago real estate market or specific details you want to know about, please don't hesitate to call or email me.

Enjoy the site.