Luxury Rentals in Chicago

Using his 21-plus years of experience in Chicago real estate, Sheldon can also assist with finding a luxury rental for those not ready to buy a Chicago home. He will help you find a luxury rental in Chicago that works with your lifestyle and includes all the amenities and services you need. These luxury Chicago rentals run from $3,500 a month up to $15,000 per month and include single-family houses, town houses and luxury condos. There are several luxury buildings in Chicago that include rentals, in neighborhoods like the Gold Coast, the New East Side and the Loop.

Sheldon's corporate background and previous clients help him understand the special needs of business executives who are looking for a luxury rental in Chicago. Having worked with CEOs, corporate chairmen and international executives, he understands renters who have the most unsurpassed taste levels and experience with the finest luxuries around the world. Before Sheldon takes you to see properties, he'll ask questions to get a feel for your needs, wants and lifestyle so he can recommend the best areas in the city for a potential renter. Sheldon will then personally show rental candidates the most fitting properties, explaining the nuances of different apartment layouts, buildings and Chicago's communities.

Combination rental/sales

Chicago real estate sellers also have the unique opportunity to work with a real estate professional who can help lease and/or sell your property at the same time-whichever comes first. This approach is especially tailored to individuals who own rental condos or individual properties where the owner wishes to minimize cash outlays and is trying to sell his or her property. A combination rental/sale can ensure you keep cash flow coming in and keep real estate expenses down..

Sheldon works diligently to market a property for rental or sale, both through the web and building personal relationships. Never one to simply hand over a key, Sheldon will personally show your listing to potential candidates to ensure they have all of their questions answered and don't miss the details that make many properties unique.

If you're looking at making a real estate purchase for investment purposes, Sheldon can guide you with current information on properties that are leasing well, the various criteria that need to be considered and what types of properties lease better than others.

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