Relocating To Chicago Now Made Easy

I am pleased to be able to refer clients relocating to Chicago from any part of the United States a streamlined moving process to be provided by Relocation Management Resources.

If you have antiques, priceless artwork or one of a kind furniture, you can be assured that every aspect of your move will be coordinated with one contact person that enables you to have hand-picked agents and crews plus specialized warehousing; locally and worldwide when necessary.

Moving from such far away places as Russia, China, Middle East, India and Europe can be stressful without the appropriate staff handling the communication , documentation, insurance and custom reporting so necessary for a seamless move.

Relocation Management handles the moving, the counseling, the orchestration, the insurance, audits & bill payment plus is held accountable for all aspects of the move


You will be provided with competitive moving rates and hand-picked agents and crews. Specialized phone counseling before, during and after is standard procedure. And in our current technological environment, detailed Web-based information and status reports are immediately available for all clients.

Highest value coverage is included which is competitively priced. In addition, in-house claims management is provided by RMR.

And best of all is RMR’s document scanning and move event tracking which provides controls throughout the move plus direct involvement in all moves by senior management. For additional information and/or to set up a relocation to Chicago from anywhere is the world, please call Sheldon Salnick at 312.264.5853 or email me at