Quality Service Guarantee

Quality Service For Home Sellers

The Quality Service Guarantee is your written commitment from Sheldon Salnick assuring the delivery of all of the services described below.

I will:

  1. Present agency representation alternatives for your and the home buyers
  2. Deliver a Comparative Market Analysis to assist in developing a pricing strategy.
  3. Create and present a written marketing plan including specific strategies, programs and buyer targets.
  4. Recommend property merchandising and enhancements to maximize marketability.
  5. Provide a written estimate of seller expense requested.
  6. Review your property history and disclosure(s) and deliver it to each prospective buyers.
  7. Commit to regular communication and market feedback, as directed by client.
  8. Promote property through advertising, direct marketing, industry networking and the Internet.
  9. Provide negotiating assistance on all offers to purchase.
  10. Forward to you financial information as provided by the buyers and make every effort to have each pre-qualified or pre-approved with a lender.
  11. Monitor and communicate the status and satisfaction of contract contingencies.
  12. Offer home purchase assistance, referral services and access to community and property information.
  13. Contact you and follow-up after closing to assure the satisfactory completion of all details.
  14. Offer the opportunity to evaluate the service provided through the Quality Service Assurance Survey.